Hong Kong Weather, When To Visit

Hong Kong Weather, When To Visit Hong Kong Travel Guide and Tourist Information

Hong Kong Weather and When To Go

Most locals say the weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid in the summer, and cool and dry in winter. October, November and part of December are the months with the best weather. Most people try to visit Hong Kong during those months.
The skies are clear, the humidity is low, and temperatures are moderate. March, April and May are humid months and they usually bring fog and a light drizzle, but they are still great months to plan a trip to Hong Kong. June, July, August and most of September are super hot and humid so every sightseeing trip can be a sweaty proposition, plus that's the rainy season so it can rain a lot. September is the official typhoon month so a trip that month can be a little risky since there could be fierce weather looming overhead every other day. Even with the threat of severe weather and scorching hot temperatures people still visit and endure the heat and humidity of the summer months.