Beaches In Hong Kong

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The Beaches In Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong
Repulse Bay Beach, Hong Kong - photo locandrose (flickr)

The beaches in Hong Kong can be incredibly beautiful as well as agonizingly grotty. Our favorite beaches are:

  • The Beaches on the east coast of Cheung Chau are excellent. Try Tung Wan and the smaller Kwun Yam Wan if you want peace and quiet as well as astounding natural beauty.
  • Po Yue Wan is on the southwest coast of Cheung Chau. It is a lover's hideaway where peace and quiet rule.
  • Lantau Island beaches are great. The beach Cheung Sha is great for surfing, but not during monsoon season.
  • Repulse Bay on Hong Kong Island has been a popular beach for decades and it's worth visiting although the high-rise buildings can be a little annoying.
  • Deepwater Bay is another favorite, but it's not a beach for peace and quiet.