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Introducing Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Hong Kong: An Exciting World Within A World

Hong Kong is a melting pot of brilliant neon signs, tightly packed sidewalks, slow traffic and steamy canteens. Our Hong Travel Guide takes you on an adventure through this exciting world within a world that's filled with constant chatter and panoramic views.
Hong Kong is one of those Mecca's that can be overwhelming, but when once you start swimming with the current of energy that flows through and around the city magical moments encapsulate you. Sitting on a plastic stool eating a bowl of soup and looking out over Hong Kong Harbor is one of those magical moments. Sipping afternoon tea in the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel feels like your watching a Hollywood movie being filmed, and the putting the finishing touches on a big bottle of beer in the balmy party zone brings gritty, but real moments to the surface as well. Hong Kong gently nudges you out of your comfort zone so you can sample shredded jellyfish or put a little stinky bean curd in your mouth. Getting up at dawn with the locals to do their morning Tai Chi ritual is another ah-ha moment and being part of the crowd at center city horseracing is certainly a moment to remember as well. No Hong Kong travel guide would be complete unless you travel to the Peak and venture across Victoria Harbor to the mainland. Deserted islands with sur-beaten beaches wait to be discovered by wide-eyed tourists, and if money is not an issue this wide-awake mecca can pamper you in luxury. But, a $2 ferry ride or a whiff of incense floating through the air from a Buddhist temple can be just as luxurious to people that want to experience the full-body effect of this priceless adventure that will linger in your memory forever.

Hong Kong In A Few Words

Every word that has been written about Hong Kong through the years has an element of truth in them, especially when they describe this incredible Asian wonderland. Describing Hong Kong in a few words is a monumental task since the Hong Kong is much larger than life in many respects. Hong Kong is prime and proper as well as earthy and challenging. The neon signs and the endless electronic and jewelry shops make the city look like an endless mall with no entrance or exit. The people of HK live to work and play; they eat what they catch and cultivate, and that truth has always been a major motivator that connects them to the inner Chi that gives them purpose. Hong Kong is a complex city that has elements of this world and the next rolled up into an action packed economic melting pot where the rich get richer and where simple men know the meaning of life.