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Introducing China

A China Travel Guide: The Chance to Touch a Piece of History in the Now

China - photo Wolfgang Staudt

The incredible diversity of the landscape as well as the mesmerizing population of China captivate and entertain visitors who take the leap and decide to experience China and touch a piece of history in the now. A China travel guide includes isolated ridge-top Ming-Dynasty villages where the sound of silence echoes through the mountain-tops, to the modern-day cities that fizzle and sizzle with energy. A China travel guide will take you through the ancient monasteries and the panoramic emptiness of Tibet as well as to the pushing and shoving of Shanghai. The volcanic dishes that dot the countryside of Sichuan are just as exciting to see as the seaside village of Qingdao where beer is sold in a bag. Pudong’s skyline is considered a triumphant statement of China’s emergence into the 21st century, but the Olympic city of Beijing takes center stage in the world’s eyes and it's the pinnacle in modern Chinese expression. China is the home of the oldest continuous civilization in the world and their forward thinking attitude provides drama on the world’s stage of unexpected events. The Chinese are comfortable walking around the streets of Shanghai in pajamas and squeezing into scary looking buses that appear to be ready for the junk pile. China is a world of exotic tastes and glittering coastline where museums filled with relics tell the tale of this fierce cultural dragon that has a polite yet fast thinking demeanor.

China in a Few Words

It’s hard to describe China in a few words, but a complete travel guide would not do its duty without noting the obvious war that China wages with itself. The old style of living battles with the modern world. China is a country filled with respect for its roots and expectations for its future. It is a country on a mission and one visit to this land of plentiful resources and engaging citizens shows the true colors of this great nation. China supplies the world with riches that go beyond economic boundaries. It shows the world how contrast creates expansion and how diversity can exist and survive in a plethora of conditions.

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