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Introducing Russia

Russia: The Land of Great Minds, Beautiful Ballets, Icy Tundras and Sun-Kissed Beaches

Map of Russia
Map of Russia

A Russia Travel Guide will take you to a land of unbelievable riches, generous hospitality, widespread poverty, a finger pointing bureaucracy, and industrial giants. Russia is a diverse country filled with amazing silver birch and fir forests, snow-capped mountains, mysterious lakes, and unending grasslands.

The eternal truth of Russia’s heritage lies in its luxurious palaces, ancient fortresses, rock solid churches, and time-forgotten wooden villages. The real essence of Russia is found when a Russia travel guide takes you to visit dynamic Moscow, as well as Lake Baikal and historic St. Petersburg.

Travel to the golden sands of Kranz which is now called Zelenogradsk. This old Prussian resort is located in the western region called Kaliningrad. Visit Gorodets the quaint Volga River village where folk art and honey-cake bakers do what they have done for hundreds of years.

Europe’s sole Buddhist enclave in Elista is known as the Chess City. It should be on your Russian adventure along with Dargavs in the north which the locals call the “city of the dead” thanks to its four hundred year old mausoleums. The hot springs of Kamchatka in the eastern Nalychevo Valley is worth a visit and Novgorod, Russia’s first capital should not be missed. Novgorod is the home of a restored Kremlin and the Cathedral of St. Sophia.

Russia in a Few Words

For hundreds of years the world has been wondering what to believe about Russia. The country’s vast cultural differences as well as its geographical differences make it a difficult country to define in a few words. But, Russia in a few words is a country of architectural beauty, magnificent accomplishments, and untamed excellence. Just one trip to this heart beating mecca of space travel as well as traditional steam baths shows the opulence of inventiveness and the folly of greed. Russia is a melting pot for cultural creativity.