Cost of Living Rome

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The official currency in Italy is the Euro. If you need to exchange currencies, you can do that at any bank in Rome. Rate exchange calculators can be found online, or you can ask your hotel, bank, or a bank in Rome to help you.

Prices in Rome

One-litre bottle of mineral water: € 0.50
A newspaper: € 2.50
36-exposure colour film: € 4
City-centre bus ticket: € 0.80
Adult football ticket: From € 15.50

Bus and subway tickets are reasonable priced at € 1, while a short taxi ride could be up to € 10.

For an average apartment rent of 60 square meters, it is common to pay around  € 1000 to 2500 per month.

A meal in a standard priced restaurant it's about € 25 per person.

Night and leisure life can be very expensive:

The price for a cocktail ranges from 6 € in a standard bar to 20 € in a night club or a piano bar.

Below are some quotations made based upon the average 2 person household :

GAS - If you are using city gas  the average would be  around € 30 per month.

WATER - the average would be € 20 per month. 

ELECTRICITY - Average is € 70 per month.  ( electricity range is 3.0 kW ).