Rome Health & Safety

Rome Health & Safety, and Emergency Service, Rome Travel Guide and Online Tourist Information


Emergency call 112 (Carabinieri), 113 (Police), 118 (medical first aid) or 115 (firemen).

There are special emergency health clinics for tourists, with multilingual assistance.


The petty crime, as well as political confusion still plagues the city.

Pickpocketing, being the incredibly popular tourist destination it is, a great deal of pickpocketing and bag or purse-snatching takes place in Rome, especially in crowded locations, and pickpocketers in Rome can get pretty crafty.

And also the biggest safety risk in Rome is the traffic. Be careful crossing streets. It's safer to cross with other people. Keep your eyes peeled for reckless scooters.

If there is a pedestrian traffic light, you still need to look both ways to be sure it's safe to cross.