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Introducing Italy

Italy Travel Guide: A Repository of the Greatest Pleasures in the World

Italy - photo by David Evers

Italy is a one-of-a-kind repository of fine food, incredible art work, unique and breathtaking countryside, and flamboyant fashion. An Italy travel guide is all about surrounding yourself with a lifestyle that blends the past with the now. An Italian travel guide takes visitors to forty-four Unesco World Heritage sites which are more than any other country. Italy’s cities of art: Florence, Rome, and Venice have been attracting visitors who want to experience the cultural ambience that seems to flow freely through their age worn streets. Italy brings “amore” or love to the lips and hearts of the young and the old. The love of Italy echoes through the noisy street cafes where locals idle over coffee. Love is seated in the trattorias where lunch and dinner are noble events. The Alps offer tourists and residents the chance to experience nature in all its splendor and the volcanic rumblings of Sicily and the chance to dive off the golden coast of Sardinia add more quality to this land of wine, history, religion, and gelato.

A Trip to Italy is an Adventure in Ancient Living as well as Modern Day Loving

The sights that make Italy an adventure in ancient living as well as modern day loving can fill up several pages in a tourist pamphlet, but some of the key spots that should be on everyone’s Italian agenda are a trip to Pompeii to see the archeological remains of a city lost in the violent forces of nature, and a leisurely visit to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. Toss a few coins in water and find your next love in Italy. Off course the Colosseum is on almost everyone’s agenda, and the Vatican is without a doubt a city within a city that peculates with visitors from all over the world. The canals of Venice have remained the same for decades, but the clock is ticking as the city continues to sink into the sea that desperately waits to lock its secrets in a watery grave.

The Weather, Safety and When to Go

The weather, safety and when to go are usually the first questions everyone asked when planning a trip to Italy.

Italy in a Few Words

Italy in a few words could be described as climbing the tower of Pisa or spending an afternoon sipping Chianti in Siena. Italy in a few words could also be floating down the Grand Canal of Venice or spending an afternoon on a Sicilian beach. Walking on the waterfront in Naples, taking a bus journey to Capri or visiting the Boboli Gardens in Florence could describe Italy in a few words, but all of these experiences just touch on the real beauty that is nestled within this amazing land of cheese, bread, and endless vineyards. Italy is not just a country, it is a cultural awakening that continues to tickle the imagination long after the visit is over. One trip to Italy is not enough to enjoy the riches that make this ancient jewel a living work of art.

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