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Introducing England

The Perfect England Travel Guide is a Noble Journey through History

Stonehenge - photo by wiki

England Offers Visitors More than Just a Cup of Tea

Tourists who choose an England travel guide soon discover a country filled with the extraordinary, eccentric, and over the top eclectic tendencies. It’s the land of punk rockers, dog lovers, train spotters, pigeon fanciers, gardeners, and cricket lovers. The country is a beacon for democracy, a cradle of class oppression and birthpalce of the King James Bible. A trip through England is a noble journey filled with character, grace, beer bellies, and football maniacs.

The slogan, “God save the Queen” echoes through the streets on London, but deep in the countryside another face emerges when a true England travel guide takes you to Stonehenge or the Domes of Eden Project in Cornwall. Newcastle, Leeds, and Manchester reveal industrial revitalization, trendy shops, bars, and restaurants and some of the most unique music venues in the world.

A travel guide through England is designed to take a visitor through the melting pot of London as well as the rural scenery of The Cotswolds. The Lake District is the home of England’s mountains and Bath is the home of the greatest Roman bathhouses on the planet. Manchester, the Barcelona of England, is overflowing with modern architecture and fine art as well as incredible nightspots that bring out the best and the worst side of a tourist or a regular local bloke.

Surfing in Newquay, rock climbing in the Peak District, cycling in Norfolk, and strolling through the beautiful hills of Oxfordshire bring out the Brit in every tourist. Cricket matches, football games, and relaxing in a country pub are some the local sensibilities that make an English travel guide a compact adventure through time.

England in a Few Words

But England Needs More than a Few Words

One notable English gentleman wrote, “If I could create an ideal world, it would be an England with the fire of the Elizabethans, the correct taste of the Georgians, and the refinement and pure ideals of the Victorians.” The fact that England is so English makes England hard to describe in a few words. History found a home in the minds of the English, but that history is constantly changing as new discoveries reveal a country filled with unbelievable treasures, the agony of gruesome wars and plagues, and downright hard-to-believe rituals and sacrifices. England defined in a few words is a hub of Western innovativeness as well as a spoke in the modern reincarnation of unity. England continues to demonstrate its ability to influence the worlds of art, entertainment, and stoic stubbornness. In spite of its limitations England is a beacon of hope in a sea of diversity.

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