Vietnam Travel Guide

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Introducing Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (A World Heritage Site)
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (A World Heritage Site)

Vietnam: The Beautiful Asian Dragon Filled With Vivid Colors and a Rich History

Vietnam is a country of dramatic coastlines, vivid landscapes, intense colors and an intriguing history. A Vietnam Tavel Guide will help you experience this place of bountiful harvests, breathtaking mountains, and divine cuisine. Nature has bestowed a coat of many colors on this beautiful world of rice fields, rice harvesters, and country paths where children still ride buffalos, and peasant women still scratch out a meager living in the traditional way.

The Vietnamese survived communism and colonialism and war after war, and are now getting their first real taste of capitalism. The people fiercely protect their sovereignty and independence, but welcome foreigners. Enjoy a Vietnam Tavel guide through this world of nonstop buzzing motorbikes, sleepy villages, stunning beaches, and cities that never sleep.The propaganda billboards in some cities are just a distraction in this land where the senses feel the true energy of the people. Vietnam is one of the most exciting and enriching places on the planet.

Taste the Richness and Diversity of Vietnam

In order to taste the richness and the diversity of Vietnam you need to experience the green fields and quiet villages of the Mekong Delta as well as the incredible white-sand beaches of Phu Quoc Island, but the east coast beaches of Mui Ne are just as enticing.

The richness and diversity of Vietnam is also on display in Hoi An where there are over five hundred tailors that wait patiently to fill your bags with custom made clothing. Hue, the old imperial capital, is the intellectual and cultural center of the country. It’s the home of palaces and temples as well as tombs and pagodas. Hue is known for its art festival which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Hanoi is the captivating capital city where the residents exercise by Hoan Kiem Lake every morning. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is truly an unique experience and “Pickled Fish Street” in the old quarter is worth a visit if you can find it. The locals say it’s near “Wooded Bowl Street.” The Bio Hoi Junction is the spot to cool off and enjoy a draught beer.

The Northern Providences is where Halong Bay and the mountain around Sapa are located. Nothing can prepare you for the unparalleled experience of trekking through this magnificent countryside where nature speaks in multi-colors.

Vietnam in a Few Words

Vietnam like most countries has had its share of turmoil and pain, but the people have graciously moved on so the country is now one of the most colorful and exotic nations in Southeast Asia. The cultural richness as well as the changing economic atmosphere makes it the perfect place to do business or relax in the unspoiled countryside. Vietnam is a jewel that continues to show its beauty in diverse as well as unexpected ways.