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Introducing Vienna

Vienna, Austria.
Vienna, Austria - photo gerhard.1962

When anyone mentions Vienna the first thought that comes to mind is music. Names like Mozart, Mahler, Beethoven, Schubert and the Vienna Boys’ Choir are all part of the rich history of this enchanting city. Vienna has also been the haven for scientific and cultural advancements through the years. The narrow streets and tall buildings of this Austrian city have an elegance about them that can only be described the epitome of style, grace and sophistication. The history of Vienna is filled with romance, intrigue and danger, as well as tradition. Today Vienna has come of age in the new age. It is the home of Europe’s largest open air festival called the Donauinselfest, or the Danube Island Festival. The international Vienna film and jazz festivals, as well as the Vienna Marathon bring thousand of guests to the city every year.

In 1995 Vienna joined the European Union and is considered a classic, as well as modern city with great balance and a prosperous future. Tourist can still enjoy a ride in a horse drawn carriage, get excellent seats in famous opera houses and stay in the most luxurious hotels in the world. Students flock to the city to visit the parks, as well as to exchange mental challenges in the bars, plus they dance the night away in some of the trendiest clubs in Europe. Vienna is one of the safest cities in the world. It’s filled with diversity yet it remains true to form when it comes to grace and poise. Vienna has evolved into a major economic and political center with a firm foundation in the past as well as an open-minded approach to the future. It is the capital city of Austria and has the largest population in the country. A visit to Vienna must include tasting the local cuisine. The Wiener Schnitzel, which is breaded veal, along with the Knodel, which are the local dumplings, add a local flavor to the trip and the incredible chocolate cake called Sachertorte, can only be described as sex for the taste buds.

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Vienna in a Few Words

A trip to Vienna is a mixture of old world charm and grace, plus modern day conveniences and amenities. The old city as well as the surrounding districts offer visitors old flavor coffee houses, as well as 21st century culture. The sound of music echoes through the hills and valleys around the city and the mind of Freud is still present in the mentality of the city. The energy in and around the city can only be described as contagious and powerful. Every visitor leaves with more knowledge and a heightened awareness of the arts and the sophistication that Vienna shares openly with the world. Experiencing the beauty of Vienna is an opera that continues to tell a story filled with beauty, refinement and diversity.