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Introducing Austria


Salzburg, Austria.

Austria Travel Guide: The Beauty of Sparkling Alps, Chopin, Mahler, and Mozart Melodies, and Idyllic Villages

Austria is a jewel box filled with enchanting melodies, baroque splendor, archaeological sites, and medieval festivals. A Austria travel guide takes you through historic spa villages, lunar landscapes, incredible ski resorts, cider producing orchards, and Hapsburg palaces.

Strauss taught the world to waltz and the Austrian Alps teaches the world the art of appreciation in this country of over eight million people and five hundred and sixty thousand dogs. The cobble stone streets of Innsbruck, the clinking cow bells and the delectable chesses of Bregenzerwald show Austria travel guide travelers a country rooted in cultural simplicity while the cities of Vienna and Salzburg are overflowing with sophisticated fashion, lively clubs, and unstoppable creativity.

The deep and narrow glacier carved valleys in Tyrol and Europe's highest waterfall Krimmel display the pure natural beauty of a land that has a long history of human inhabitation. The rustic wine taverns in the Danube Valley and the laid-back cultural scene of Graz as well as the salt mine, ice cave, and crystal clear waters of Hallstatt make an Austrian travel guide a special experience that can only be adequately described after immersing the mind in the innate richness of this sound of music fantasy that is bigger than life.

Austria in a Few Words

The best way to explain what Austria is in a few words is to say it is a jewel box of cultural delicacies trimmed in natural beauty that defies description. The proud Austrian population appreciates their relationship with nature and they express their thanks by sharing their natural jewels with the world. Austria is the sound of music filled with floating freedom and it dances through the minds and hearts of its guests.