United Kingdom Travel Guide

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Introducing United Kingdom

The United Kingdom: Superb Museums, Exquisite Parks, Gardens, Mountains, and a Culture that is Rooted in Ancient Traditions

Distinguishing the difference between “England” and the United Kingdom (UK) is the first priority when tourists decide to plan a United Kingdom travel guide. Mentally lumping this island of small countries under one label is a common problem for people who have not studied the history of Western Civilization. Cultural differences still exist but experiencing Britain in all its beauty is life changing in many different ways. 

England is certainly part of the United Kingdom, but so are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and each one of those countries offer tourist the opportunity to sense diversity within unity.

The Irish and the Scots frown when they’re called English and the English humorously discount the Irish and the Scots for their idiosyncrasies, but the distinct differences are revealed during a United Kingdom travel guide and all the initial confusion is put to rest. The dramatic moors and bleak mountains as well as the soft beaches and fascinating cities filled with pop-culture and ancient traditions make a trip from the north end to south end of the British Isles an adventure that touches several centuries, but these experiences are always planted in the ever-changing present.

All of the UK is accessible by car, but it’s also a walker’s paradise filled with small roads and seemly never ending moors. The UK is expensive, the weather can be unpredictable, and the food can be boring, but the attractions, people, and the beer and ale make up for all the negativity that swirl around this mighty group of powerful countries.

The United Kingdom in a Few Words

The United Kingdom is one of those places where time has stopped and the future is just a vague expectation. The big cities still show remnants of the past and the small villages still live those remnants in everyday life. The best way to described the United Kingdom in a few words is to say it is a country that shows its roots to the world with dignity, humor, and a sense of chivalry. The UK is a world immersed in the turmoil of change, but some things will never change.