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Introducing Ukraine

The Ukraine: A Slavic Nation Filled With Dreams

About The Modern Ukraine

Swallow's Nest Castle, Crimea
Swallow's Nest Castle, Crimea - photo by И. Максим

Some Eastern contemporary thinkers like to call the Ukraine a patchwork nation that draws on a plethora of historic influences. There’s no doubt that the younger generation has its mind set on joining the European Union, while traditionalist don’t want to stray too far out of their comfortable Russian orbit. A Ukraine travel guide takes visitors all over the country, which includes the heart and monumental capital of Kiev as well as to the shores of Crimea on the Black Sea. Buried in the western hills is the cozy city of Lviv, and the medieval town of Kamyanets-Podilsky sits atop a tall rock island beckoning visitors with antiquated charm. These cities plus the quaint seaside city of Odessa where dancing till dawn in seaside clubs is a must show that “borderland” is in the process of shifting, and that shift has brought new energy to this sometimes modern, but always Cossack homeland, which offers tourists on a Ukraine travel guide non-stop action. That action may be centered around primitive cave cities or the Russian speaking east as well as the Ukrainian speaking west. The 2004 Orange uprising started an awe-inspiring change in the nation’s identity. The country’s 46.7 million people are going through a new age awakening that is moving the country in strange, but exciting ways. The country abolished visas in 2005 to attract more visitors, and the 2012 European Football Championship, and the potential of hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics has put this underrated nation in the spotlight. The world is suddenly waking up and finding a nation filled with cultural ambiance, and the desire to be more than “Little Russians’” with no real identity.

The Ukraine in a Few Words

Summing up the beauty and the diversity of the Ukraine in a few words is a difficult task, but Since the orange uprising in 2004 it is a different nation. The Ukraine is no longer called “The Ukraine.” It’s just “Ukraine,” to the locals as well as to the tourists who flock to the beautiful beaches and mountain ski resorts.

The Ukraine is one of those areas of the world that has been frozen in time, but it’s melting into a vibrant and energetic culture that respects the past, but welcomes change in terms of attitude and social structure. The historic significance of this intriguing country is etched into the psyche of the diverse population, and that makes this nation a cultural melting pot as well as an exciting place to spend a holiday or a long sabbatical.