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Introducing South Africa

South African Local People
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South Africa: The Land Of Diversity And Promise

Photographers as well as everyone else that visit South Africa on a South Africa Travel Guide adventure immediately recognize the incredible diversity as well as promise that exists within this amazing country. South Africa is the home of some of the most gracious and friendly people in world, but an element of uncertainty still lingers in the minds of some members of the population. Apartheid may still be at work in several areas of the country, but they no longer have the backdrop of secrecy to hide behind.

Johannesburg (by South African Tourism)

Apartheid made this beautiful country a killing field for years, but the country is in renaissance mode thanks to Nelson Mandela and his loyal followers. But, it's not just Mandela and his followers that make South Africa great. The hippos that fill the waters of the Limpopo River, and the properly dressed penguins that nest on the Cape demonstrate some of the unique qualities of consciousness that make this country stand out as one of the world's most intriguing places to visit. Visitors never forget the emptiness of the Kalahari Desert, and the symphony of color that blooms in Namakwa's every spring. Cape Point, Table Mountain and Kruger National Park, which is a wildlife filled savannah, are considered, by some visitors, the top of the bar when it comes to breathtaking South African attractions. Other visitors love to hike through the peaks and valleys in Drakensberg, which is located in the eastern part of the country. KwaZulu-Natal's iSimangaliso Wetland Park is also located in the east. It is famous for its five distinct ecosystems that attract a plethora of wildlife. It's not uncommon to get up close and somewhat personal with the zebras as well as dolphins that make the wetlands their playground. Food specialties like the curry in Durban's area, and the African home brew in a township unlicensed bar (Shebeen) as well as enjoying a barbeque (braai) in the wilderness, bring exotic flavors to the palate that can make a skeleton's mouth water. South Africa has the oldest wine industry outside of Europe so a bottle of their pinotage is the perfect match for sizzling Cape Malay signature dish. It's hard to overlook the promise of a new beginning in this land of wonders, even though racial diversity still hinders the full flavor of that promise. The black and white racial issue is still a major roadblock to true equality in the country, but thanks to a new generation of forward thinkers, South Africa is displaying an enormous amount of fortitude when it comes to individual freedom and respect. But in spite of the positive political reforms, refugee issues as well as an overwhelming epidemic of HIV/AIDS are negatively impacting the economic structure of the country. There is still a lot of work to be done, and the upbeat people of South Africa have accepted those challenges with a firm resolve. Farmers and city folks alike want the same thing when it comes to their beloved country, and that thing is called—unity.

Cape Town, South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa (by dimaruss34)


South Africa In A Few Words

Trying to describe South Africa in a few words is like asking a baby to describe the taste of baby formula. It just isn't possible in this reality. What we can say in a few words is South Africa is a country that is focused on the future. Not only is the country the original stomping ground for humans, it is the land of future exploration and exciting expectations. South Africa demonstrates the diversity that exists within the human psyche, but it also shows us the unity that nature produces automatically.
South Africa is a mirror that reflects our antiquated beliefs. But, the country also projects the power of being true to our fellow men and women who are sharing this journey with us. The residents as well as the wildlife of South Africa teach us something about the beauty and love that exists within all of us.