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Introducing Shanghai

Pudong skyline from Puxi
Pudong skyline from Puxi

About Modern Day Shanghai

Modern Shanghai has a futuristic look thanks to the labyrinth of freeways which are 4 decks high in some areas, which means a traveler can come eye-to-eye with a ten story building. There are over 2,000 buildings over 20 stories tall and the dramatic architecture seems to go on forever. There are 18 million people living in Shanghai at night and during the day a few more million come to city to work. The Shanghai area is five times larger than the area of Los Angeles.

Shanghai in a Few Words

Shanghai is not just a city it is a step back as well as a step forward in time, which can’t be adequately expressed, it can only be experienced. It is a Western city within the walls of an Eastern nation and it lives up to its reputation as a romantic, modern and futuristic city that is filled with charm, sophistication and entertainment and even a hint of intrigue. Visiting the Paris of the East and the New York of the West is an adventure that continues long after the physical experience ends.

Featured Hotel

Hotel Yun's Paradise - 4 Star