Rio de Janeiro Architecture

Architecture in Rio de Janeiro, Buildings, Museums...

Museum of Contemptory art, Niemeyer, Río de Janeiro, Brazil.
Museum of Contemptory art, Niemeyer, Río de Janeiro, Brazil photo by hanneorla

Buildings (architecture)

  • Paço Imperial (1743) - Old Imperial Palace, colonial architecture (downtown, Fifteen Square).
  • Casa França Brasil (1820) - French cultural center, with gallery and video hall (downtown).
  • CCBB - Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (1906) - A cultural center with gallery, movie theater, video room, library and stages; usually hosts the main exhibitions in town (downtown).
  • Candelária Church - Neoclassic cathedral (next to CCBB).
  • Mosteiro de São Bento (1663) - Saint Benedict's Monastery, colonial architecture (downtown).
  • Ilha Fiscal Palace (1889) - Situated in the Guanabara Bay, next to the Navy Museum
  • Palácio Gustavo Capanema - Former ministry of culture, it is regarded as an important pioneering in modern architecture (downtown).
  • Arcos da Lapa (1750) - Lapa Aqueduct, colonial structure that brought water from springs to downtown; now it has a suspended tramway track (Lapa).
  • Catedral Metropolitana - Cone shaped cathedral, an example of modern architecture (Lapa).
  • São Francisco da Penitência church (1773) - Colonial church.
  • Teatro Municipal (1909) - City Theater, (in Cinelândia square).
  • Biblioteca Nacional (1910) - National Library (Cinelândia square).
  • Câmara Municipal - The City Hall, hosts the city council (in Cinelândia square).
  • Palácio do Catete - The former presidential palace (1893-1960), now hosts a museum of recent history and nice gardens (Catete).
  • Itamaraty - Former presidential palace (1889-1893) and foreign office; now hosts a museum of South American diplomacy, a library and the UN information offices in Brazil (Downtown, next to the Central station).
  • Palácio Guanabara - Former palace of the Imperial Princess, now governor's office; eclectic architecture (Laranjeiras).