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Cafe de Flore - Paris Cafes
Cafe de Flore - Paris Cafes

Thoughts of Paris Brings Flavorful Images to the Taste Buds

Everyone knows that Paris is known for its incredible food and mesmerizing wines and no one will deny that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Visitors from around the globe flock to Paris in spring just to enjoy watching Parisians do what they do naturally which is drink, eat, and talk about the political environment or a dress or shoe style that hangs in the window of a trendy Left Bank shop.

Most people say that Paris cafes are the pulse of this exciting metropolis where drinking coffee is considered mandatory. Paris cafes are magnets for tourists who entertain themselves by relaxing and people-watching. The French café is a cultural phenomenon not only because the coffee is good, but because there is a certain attitude that develops around a small sidewalk table that is truly unique in terms of connecting to the residents of the city.

A long relaxing visit to a Paris cafe captures that sexiness of Paris and it becomes contagious. Paris is filled with cafes where Café au lait, Café cream, Café Decaffeine, Café Noisette, and Café Americain are served day and night. Café de Flore on the Boulevard Saint-Germain is known as the place to be seen as well as to see the flavorful and intriguing images on the faces of Paris.

There’s nothing more French than Sipping Espresso at a Traditional Paris Café

Famous artists and writers as well as tourists and the locals spend time in a cozy café at some point during the day. There are thousands of traditional cafes all over the city where sitting on a sunny terrace or inside on a soft banquette takes the edge off a typical Parisian day.

Some of the best cafes in Paris have been declared historic sites by the French government. The Café de la Paix near the Paris Opera Garnier is one of those famous spots and Le Select is known for serving clients like Picasso, Hemingway, and Henry Miller. Les Deux Magots across the street from Café de Flore is known as an upscale hangout for tourists as well as the Paris elite.

James Joyce and Sartre would spend hours in the Hemmingway Bar located in the Ritz Hotel and the Café de la Rotonde is where Amedeo Modigliani and Picasso would sip on a cup and then pay with a drawing when they didn’t have cash. The oldest café in Paris, Le Procope, was founded in 1686. Voltaire and Benjamin Franklin made it a point to visit this landmark where the coq au vin is still a scrumptious favorite.