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Introducing France

France Travel Guide: The Fabled Land of Good Food and Wine

Flag of France
Flag of France

Everyone has an opinion about France and the illustrious French. It’s the land of the smart and the sexy; the chic and the bureaucrats; the rude and the racist; the bitchy and the elite. A French vacation reveals royal chateaus, remodeled country farmhouses, and captivating landmarks. France is the land of urban riots as well as precious art, and hidden romance.

The past is still a big part of the present and cities like Versailles and the jet-setting Mediterranean cities of Nice and St-Tropez will take your breath away with their beauty and cultural treasures. The aroma of the sea permeates the air around the beaches of Normandy and the mythology and music of Brittany still entices travelers who choose to stop on their France travel guide journey and spend a little time with the ghosts of the 5th century Celtic invaders. Ski in the Alps and sense the natural infusion of the joie de vivre attitude as well as the savior-faire of the French who have change through the centuries, but in a unique way have stayed the same. While enjoying a France Travel guide experience, walk the extra-wide streets of Paris as well as the small Rues that act as anchors for the cafes, markets, and restaurant that make the city a bubbling volcano of eclectic culinary inspiration and acute taste bud awareness.

France in a Few Words

Experiencing France is hard to describe in a few words, but the French people do it with dignity and grace. France is a fabled land where dreams come true as the good, bad, and the ugly merge into a fondue pot of cultural ethnicity. France is spice and sauce and wine and vinegar that’s blended into a unique mixture of landmarks, farmhouses, and unspeakable luxury. France in a few words is beauty and romance with a touch of bitchiness.

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