Christmas Holiday

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Christmas Holiday

A Christmas Holiday is a Celebration of Life

The traditional Christmas Holiday Season is celebrated around the world in unique ways. Some people enjoy the traditional Christmas Holiday at home with family and friends, but more people are taking time off around Christmas and planning new and exciting ways to spend the holiday. A Christmas getaway can be a family outing to an exotic resort or to a mountain lodge or an exclusive hotel that offers guests an exciting Christmas adventure filled with decorations, outdoor activities, great food and good company.

Spending Christmas at the beach or at a ski resort opens up another world around the holidays, especially if you find a rustic cabin in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, where you can spend time connecting to the beauty of nature and the environment. Drinking hot chocolate by an open fire in an 18th century bungalow in an Austrian town in the Alps or visiting Santa’s cottage at Disneyland in Paris, or snowmobiling around Yellowstone National Park, can become a new family tradition filled with traditional thoughts of peace, love and sharing.

A house decorated for christmas

If do want to break away from your stay-at-home Christmas holiday you can start by doing a little research. Do you want to relax or do you want to be entertained? Do you want to spend it with just your immediate family or do you want your extended family and friends to be part of the celebration? Do you want a modern holiday or do you want to go back in time and experience Christmas like it was a hundred years ago? A cozy Bed and breakfast in a New England state on the Northeastern coast of the United States, is a perfect place to enjoy a traditional Christmas. The weather usually co-operates, so there’s plenty of ice skating, skiing and snowboarding opportunities, as well as Christmas Caroling and formal Christmas dinner celebrations, which are done the old fashion way.

The Pacific Northwest is another area of the United States that offers a rural Christmas experience that is filled with outdoor activities and warm and inviting hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations. The states of Washington, Oregon and Northern California are perfect for experiencing a traditional holiday away from home.

Galeries Lafayette, Christmas, Paris France.
Galeries Lafayette, Christmas, Paris France - photo by dany13

A European Christmas holiday is always a celebration of life. Experiencing cultural diversities in a traditional holiday style makes Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Scandinavia, as well as Central and Eastern Europe excellent away-from-home holiday choices. Each area offers a celebration of life in a unique and sometimes mystical way.

Paris Streets in Christmas - photo by retrovizion
Paris Streets in Christmas - photo by retrovizion

Christmas Holiday Destinations