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Introducing Miami

Miami - photo anonymonk/Creative Commons

Miami: America’s Casablanca

It’s been called sexy, hot and a city filled with color and emotions. Miami is all those things and more. It pulled itself out of the drug-ridden and tough image of the 80s and has been transformed into a booming city of expression and is now commonly called the America of the new millennium. The multicultural attitude, the eclectic architecture, the trendy beaches and the sizzling nightlife, give the city superstar status and distinguishes it from every other city on the planet. It is the gateway to the Caribbean, as well as to Central and South America. It enjoys its ranking as the third most popular city in the US right behind LA and New York. For years it was known as little Latin America; now it’s just known for being an American treasure. The fine dining, spicy nightlife and sunny beaches take Miami out of its humble beginnings and transform it into a 21st icon of beauty, fashion and diversity.

Miami in a Few Words

Miami is one of those cities that is hard to describe in just a few words. The beauty of Miami certainly starts with its diversity and exclusive ambience. It seems like Miami was made on the eighth day when all the eccentrics from around the world were invited to make it a wonderfully weird paradise. Miami sits in another reality that starts at the Florida Everglades and extends through a wonderland of sand, sun, bright colors and brilliant creativity. Even with the humidity, mosquitoes and alligators, Miami is impossibly sexy, enormously romantic and downright irresistible.

Miami Hotels

Mandarin Oriental, Miami
Mandarin Oriental, Miami

Mandarin Oriental, Miami 5-star hotel

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