Barcelona Restaurants

Restaurants in Barcelona: Food, Where to eat in Barcelona

Restaurants in Barcelona: Food

Barcelona has its share of national food chains and fast food shops, but it also has excellent restaurants that serve different cuisine that will captivate the taste buds of food aficionados.

Amaya is located on the promenade La Rambla. It is a Basque restaurant that attracts a unique crowd because of its menu. The baby eel, sea bass and vegetable stews are just part of Amaya extensive menu. The wine is outstanding and there’s a tapas bar in the front dining area.

El Asador de Aranda is the place to go if you want royal treatment. It’s located in a fantastic old castle that turns into a magical eatery at night. Aranda serves simply prepared Catalan cuisine in a unique way.

Roig Robi serves great Catalan cuisine. They serve traditional lobster or codfish salad, as well as grilled fish and chicken.

Two other restaurants worth mentioning are Romesco because it’s inexpensive and it’s located on the promenade and Can Ramolet which serves traditional paella and seafood specialties.