Cost of Living in Barcelona

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Living Standarts

The average salary for newcomers are about 1100 euros. With this money you can have quite an easy life in Barcelona .

Single room: Depends on the area. From 250 to 400 euros per month
Double room: Still, depends on the area ( from 350 to 450 euros per month)
Studio: through the Spanish circuit (have a look at the accommodation guide) from 400 to 650 euros
Electricity: 0.08 euros per kWh
Telephone fee: depends on the telephone company you decide ( with Telefonica it’s about 10 euros per month (excluded calls)
Full lunch: less than 10 euros (in a cheap restaurant)
Bread: 0.60 euros
1 litre of milk: 0.85 euros
Dinner out: more or less 20 euros per person
A ticket for a Club : 10/15 euros (1 drink included)
Gym: around 40/50 euros per month
Metro ticket: 1.20 euros for 1 ride
Cinema ticket: 6.5 euros
Internet: depends on your provider. Normally around 30 euros per month
they might not be 100% exact, but they're acceptable to give you an idea.

1000 euros: you live in Barcelona in a shared flat
1500 euros: you live in Barcelona in studio all for your own. Otherwise you can still share a flat and have an higher life standard.
2000 euros: you can live in Barcelona in flat of your own with an enjoyable life standard