Australia Travel Guide

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Introducing Australia

Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Opera House, Sydney, Australia

Australia is a country that’s filled with action. If you enjoy sports like hiking, backpacking, swimming and surfing you’ll be blown away by the adventures and opportunities that make Australia a nature lover’s paradise. The nation can’t get enough football, cricket, rugby, tennis, rowing, cycling and horse racing. There are festivals in every city that peak the interests of the locals, as well as tourist thanks to the assortment of food and educational entertainment they provide. Endless miles of beaches and excellent wineries make Australia a romantic step back in time for anyone looking to experience natural beauty in a raw untouched setting.

Exploring the Land Down Under is the opportunity to step back thousands of years and meet a part of history that continues to reveal secrets about itself. The ability to visit a world filled with natural beauty and a rare culture that blends in with the total experience cannot not be adequately expressed in words; it can only be lived. The Boomerang, Clapping Sticks and the one of a kind Didgeridoo, keep the immortal culture of the ancestors alive and visible. Throwing another shrimp on the Barbie is one experience everyone wants to live over and over again, because the memorable taste of Australia lingers in our minds and calls us back eternally.

Melbourne, Australia At Night
Melbourne, Australia At Night (photo by Linh_rOm)