Eight Exotic But Inexpensive Holidays

Eight Exotic But Inexpensive Holidays, Cheap Holidays, Destination Ideas

Couples Can Tavel in Style From Peru to Malaysia for Well Under $100 US a Day.

Every year budget minded tourists scour the Internet looking for cheap airline seats, no-star hotels rooms, and they live on a cheese and cracker diet, so they can holiday in Germany, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, or the United States. The global economic crisis has made traveling expensive; the US dollar has lost a great deal of its buying power, and the cost of products and services continue to increase at an alarming rate. Food prices are in orbit, and hotel rates keep climbing.

Photos4Travel Travel Guides has uncovered eight places around the world where your money is still king, and its buying power is still like gold. How about a beachfront bungalow for less than twenty US dollars a night, or a fabulous seafood dinner for two dollars per person? Enjoy admission for two to an incredible museum for a dollar.

Photos4Travel has found eight dollar stretching countries where you can enjoy a holiday without going into extraordinary debt.

The Photos4travel.com staff will also point out the local attractions, give you currency exchange tips, and keep you up to date on local security alerts. It’s a big beautiful world out there, and there’s a travel bargain waiting for you at Photos4Travel.com. The staff at Photos4Travel.com makes it their business to find the most exotic inexpensive holidays on earth based on your budget, so you often spend less than you spend entertaining, feeding, and housing yourself at home.

The Exotic Holiday Possibilities are Endless Especially in Argentina

Argentina - photo by Ziphe1

Imagine a country with world-class food and wine, unbelievable scenery, exciting nightlife, and first class sleeping accommodations; now imagine it on sale for sixty percent off regular prices. Photos4Travel.com's first inexpensive exotic holiday adventure is Argentina. Argentina has notoriously been one of the most expensive countries in South America, but Argentina’s economy collapsed, and its currency was devalued in 2001, and that created some outstanding travel bargains that still linger today. The economy of Argentina has rebounded, but the US dollar still has great buying power. Photos4Travel can help you arrange a $25 to $35 a day budget, and enjoy everything that cities like Buenos Aires have to offer, or you can spend, $75 to $150 a day and feast on gourmet meals, and sleep in some of the best hotels in the country.

Relax and Enjoy Picture Perfect Beaches for Next to Nothing in Honduras

Honduras - photo by z.patrizia(flickr)

The little known island of Roatan, off the coast of mainland Honduras, is an excellent Caribbean island value. The crime rate is extremely low, and it’s the perfect spot for aspiring scuba divers, or for all water sport lovers. Rooms are available for $10 a night up to $200 a night depending on the location on the island, and you can eat a gourmet meal for $15 per person.

The Most Westernized Country in Asia is Perfect for an Inexpensive Family Exotic Holiday

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - photo by Guyfrombronx

Malaysia offers so many attractions in a relatively small area, it’s hard to list them all, but the exotic jungles, magnificent beaches, colorful temples, and meandering train rides, make Malaysia a bargain by anyone’s standards. There are a number of delightful cuisines to pick from, and you can drink the water in most areas. A bamboo bungalow, snorkeling equipment, and meals might only cost you $30 per couple when you’re visiting a beach town, and if you’re staying in one of the bigger cities, hotels and meals are still a bargain at around $60 per day for two. Malaysia is also a great place to take the kids.

Mexico is Still a Bargain When You Stay Away From the Tourists Traps

Cancun, Mexico.
Cancun, Mexico.

Mexico is filled with bargains. Photos4Travel.com recommends cities like the artsy San Miguel de Allende, or Merida, as well as Guadalajara, Oaxaca and Guanajuato if you want to experience the real Mexico; you'll definitely save money while you’re enjoying the ruins, or the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. A couple can travel comfortably for $50 to $75 a day, and if you want to splurge and spend $80 to $150 you’ll experience all the luxuries Mexico has to offer.

Morocco is filled with Exotic Marketplaces and Ancient Fortresses


Deserted beaches, sensational mountain ranges, and the cedar forests with Barbary apes, are just some of the splendid features of an exotic inexpensive holiday in Morocco. The big cities can be crazy, but the towns on the edge of the Sahara’s are inexpensive and thrilling adventures. Camel rides, mountain hikes, and desert walks, are just some of the attractions you'll enjoy for less than fifty dollars a day, and that price includes meals and sleeping rooms as well.

The Inca Ruins and the Amazon Rain Forest are Well Within Your Budget

Machu-Picchu, Peru
Machu-Picchu, Peru - photo by Stanley Zimny(flickr)

Peru is still a country that offers meal for $1 to $3 dollars in local restaurants, and even in the tourist areas you can eat for $2 to $5 per person. Hotel rooms in Lima or Cuzco may cost $50 to $80 a night a night, but other cities offer clean rooms for much less.

Traveling in Thailand is Always a Bargain

Ting Rai Bay, Koh Jum, Thailand
Ting Rai Bay, Koh Jum, Thailand - photo by Adam Cathro(Flickr)

If you’re a backpacker, or you want to travel like a jetsetter, Thailand should be one of your inexpensive holiday destinations. The beaches have recovered form the 2004 tsunami, so you can rent a beachfront bungalow for $20 or less a night. The elephant rides, as well as the diving, sailing, and other water sport adventures, plus visits to the floating market, golden temples, and other historic sites are all included in a budget of $30 to $40 a day.

Turkey; The Country on Two Continents is an Incredible Value

Cappadocia, Turkey
Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia, Turkey

Last, but not least, is the unbelievable country of Turkey, which some say is the greatest country in the world for sightseeing. Prices have increased due to tourist expansion and the currency switch to the Euro, but a couple can still enjoy an amazing inexpensive holiday in Turkey for $70 to $150 a day, which includes three great meals a day. For example if you want to explore the alien landscape of Cappadocia with its unusual rock formations, you can spend a night in a cave room for about $10.