The Perfect Wellness Vacation In India 


One would be hard-pressed to find a country with a richer and more ancient heritage of self care. While Western physicians were still practicing "blood letting," (it was believe a disease could be cured by draining some of a patient's blood), India had already developed a host of advanced medicinal practices that are still used effectively today. And they didn't stop with the body. Wellness was (and is) treated holistically, and variety of Indian cultures also gave birth to different practices to improve the mind and tap into the deepest parts of ourselves.


Voluntourism: A Different Way To Travel 


The Honduras sun is hot in May, and I am grateful to enter the cool air of the small cinderblock home in the rural community I am volunteering in. As my eyes adjust to the darkness, I scan the sparse room to see a bed, some pots, and a few tools set on the earthen floor. We get to work quickly, mixing cement and unloading our supply of bricks. A toothless grandmother watches us from over her cooking fire as we work, stacking and cementing bricks. We are building ovens that will allow them to use their wood more efficiently and make make enough bread to sell.


Old West Travel Guide; Discover Historic Houston, TX 

Market Square Historic District

The history of Houston, TX, named for former Tennessee Governor Sam Houston, plays like the pages of a wild-west novel. In April of 1836, Sam Houston led Texas troops in a battle of revenge against Mexico over the slaughter at the Alamo, and was quickly named President of the Republic of Texas in return. The town of Houston soon became capitol of the Republic of Texas, and its spot near the swampy river of Buffalo Bayou as well as its proximity to the port of Galveston, made it the perfect location through which railroads and wagons full of good would travel.


New Year Traditions Around The World 

Christmas, London

There’s no doubt that every country has a New Year tradition that starts a New Year with some sort of gusto and life force. After all New Year’s Eve is the end of one year that was filled with life changing or life threatening experiences and a celebration is always in order to usher in a New Year filled with positive expectations.

New Year traditions may seem the same from country to country and in one sense they are, but in another sense they differ due to past and present local customs, as well as cultural and social attitudes about how one should celebrate. Countries around the world have unique expressions that manifest on New Year’s Eve so understanding what the word celebrate means in different countries is an interesting learning experience.



How To Book A Cheap Flight For Your Vacation 

Booking Cheap Flights (Photo Alamy)

No one likes to find out the person sitting next to them paid $200 less than themselves. Unfortunately, the fluctuation of airfares appears terribly unpredictable, and there's no way to tell whether waiting will lead to a plummeting or skyrocketing fare. But frequent travelers and statistics analysts have a knack for figuring out trends. Here is some of their wisdom about flying on the cheap.



Family Travel Destinations: The Undiscovered Island Of Menorca 

Menorca Island, Spain

Looking for a beautiful, out of the way escape for you and your family? One of the best places to find a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday is Menorca, an island off the South coast of Spain. A beautiful location full of rich history, pristine beaches, and extraordinary natural sights, the best part of Menorca is that it is still largely undiscovered. Not crowded with excessive tourism, it is rumored that a personal beach is an easy thing to find. A relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect family travel destination, and the diversity of activities possible means there is something for everybody. Here are a few of the highlights:


6 Castles to Catch on a Trip 

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Castles have history and can be exciting to visit, so when looking for great destination ideas keep in mind that having something to see can often be more fun than sitting by the pool at the hotel for the whole vacation. The great thing about castles is that they are scattered around the world, so wherever the vacation lands there are bound to be a few castles waiting to be discovered around the corner.  In the mean time, here are a few castles that might prove interesting to build into the next family vacation.


Tips To Survive Holiday Travel 


It's now about that time to start planning your holiday vacation. Whether your packing your bikini, ski boots or turkey baster, expect a crowded, hectic airport, and possibly a headache in trying to get to your destination. The holidays usually means airfaire will increase a great deal. You'll also have to deal with cranky airline employees that are stuck working the holidays, pushy TSA agents, fighting for parking, long check in and security lines, and overpriced baggage fees. Here's are some tips to make your holiday travel go a bit smoother.