Every skier dreams about Ski Jumping: "Ski jumping for joy, and medals"

Ski Jumping

While all eyes are on the Sochi Olympic games in Russia, many stories arise that have skiers from all over the world hungry for those behind the scenes looks.

 Ski jumping is something all skiers dream about and some are brave enough to try. Women ski jumpers have been trying to break into the Olympic games for decades and only succeeded for these games. The IOC passed the ruling in 2011, after being sued by a group of women ski jumpers for not being allowed to compete in the 2010 games.  

While browsing the New York Times, I found this article that made me smile and say "yes, about time!: "Ski jumping for joy, and medals" . Young girls who are training, with dreams of a world championship medal, can now add an Olympic medal to those dreams. The time has long since passed for old and antiquated rules about what sports women can compete in, and stories like this keep us informed and on top of how and who helped bring about the needed changes. 

I don't plan to be a ski jumper, or ever compete, but I do applaud those who do. Now that the door has been opened, it is time for the IOC to recognize we need more events for women, besides figure skating. Female athletes are more than capable of keeping up with the world of winter sports. They are just as strong and dedicated. As this article shows, young girls are already training for the day that they will be allowed to compete in every winter sport that the men do. 


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