Hawaiian Culture

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The islands that make up this tropical paradise are filled with towering waterfalls, colorful fish, exotic plant life, pristine beaches and sensational coral reefs, but the culture of the native people may be Hawaii’s biggest attraction. The music, legends, dances, values and traditions are still honored and practiced. The biggest symbol of this rich culture is the flower lei, which is graciously offered with a kiss and should only be removed in private. The Hawaiians are excellent canoe builders and navigators. They honor the trees that form their canoes with prayers and food offerings before they are taken from the ground. The Hawaiian language only contains eight consonants and five vowels and has the shortest alphabet in the world. The word Aloha for example means hello as well as goodbye, but it also means sympathy, love, compassion, kindness, fondness and affection. The Hula is a cultural expression of fun and enjoyment and ukuleles and piano guitars are used to help tell the stories and express the ceremonial significance of the dance. Hawaiian culture is filled with legends, omens and superstitions, which are still practice around the islands today. Rainbows as well as the rain are still considered good omens from the gods, especially if it rains during a wedding.