Dubai Nightlife

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When the sun drops over the horizon, Dubai gets its second wind. Nightlife in Dubai is a mixture of hot clubs and bars, as well as cozy holes-in-the-wall spots for romantic interludes. Pancho’s Villa’s in the Astoria Hotel is a kickback hacienda and a Tex-Mex joint that attracts the movers and shakers in Dubai, as well as businessmen and tourists. The drinks and food have a Southwestern theme and the music grows louder as the night gets shorter. The Copacabana in the Four Points Sheraton offers guests some of the best dance music in Dubai.

The sandy floors, the bamboo railings and poolside cabanas give this club an atmosphere that shakes the booty and tickles the fancy of the dance mavens who frequent the Copa. The Hard Rock Café in Jumeirah brings a little taste of the US to the shores of Dubai and the Kasbar with its authentic Arabian décor and live music make it one of the major hot spots in the city.