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Introducing Budapest

Budapest with Chain Bridge - photo by szeke

The Neo-Classical architecture of the city, as well as the graffiti-ridden walls of buildings, is a perfect backdrop for the diverse landscape on either side of the Danube. The Buda side is hilly and green and the Pest side is flat and crowded. The bridges that stretch across the Danube accent the progress that Budapest has made through the centuries. The Chain Bridge and the suspension Elizabeth Bridge are perfect compliments to the architectural beauty that surrounds the city.

Budapest has a vibrate energy that sets it apart from its counterparts, Vienna and Prague. Budapest displays an individuality that gives the city a distinguished, as well as refreshing edge, which is why millions of tourists from around the globe visit every year. Budapest is the home of the largest synagogue, the third largest church and the third largest Parliament building, as well as the largest medicinal bath on the continent.

Budapest in a Few Words

Budapest has been called a strange, but wonderful city. It’s a city made for exploring and discovering the treasures that add so much drama and beauty to its culture. The Danube plays an important role in energizing the city and the people continue the ancient traditions of the city though festivals and holidays. Budapest is a city that adapts to change and lives in the moment in thrilling and sometimes bizarre ways. That’s what makes Budapest a modern, but traditional artistic expression to appreciate.


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