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Cable Beach, Bahamas
Cable Beach, Bahamas - photo by srodgers66(flickr)

It’s difficult to pick the best beaches in a world filled with incredible beaches, but there a couple of beaches that are truly exceptional spots to visit. The 4 miles of sand that’s known as Cable Beach is the most popular beach, especially for families. Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island is beautiful, but it’s always crowded. Xanadu Beach on Grand Bahama Island, is another the perfect place to swim. Tahiti Beach is the most romantic beach, so couples usually find it a perfect getaway. There are limited facilities on the beach, so bring your own food and something to drink. Pink Sand Beach is a perfect stretch of pink sand where swimming around the coral reef is an every day adventure. Ten Bay Beach is an intimate beach; there are no public facilities and the closest hotel is fifteen miles away. Love Beach is fifteen miles away from Nassau. It’s a secluded and small beach that’s hard to get to, but worth the effort.