Athens Travel Guide

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Introducing Athens

Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens.
Temple of Olympian Zeus, Athens - photo Amarjeetrai

There are just a few cities in the world that offer visitors cultural, as well as architectural treasures than span a time period of more than 30 centuries. Athens is at the top of that list and the city continues to discover more about itself every year. In Athens, the words “Know Thyself” and “Nothing in Excess” are objective, as well as subjective. Everyone in Athens gets to know another self through its history and culture and nothing is considered excessive.

The Greeks understand how to live and love and always know someone who is living and loving in a more excessive way.

The People of Athens

Previous centuries tell a distinct story about the inhabitants of the city. Warriors, statesmen, philosophers, nobleman, slaves, athletes, gypsies and businessmen have all contributed to the rich heritage of this emerald in the Mediterranean. Today over 90% of the population are ethnic Greeks. The other 10% is mixture of Albanians, Bulgarians, Slavs, Turks, Jews and Armenians, as well as a few other minorities.

Church in Oia Santorini
Church in Oia Santorini