Puerto Rico Beaches

Puerto Rico Beaches and Best Beaches in a Beach Paradise

Puerto Rico; The Best Beaches in a Beach Paradise

It’s impossible to travel to PR and avoid the beach. Beaches are the life support system that keeps tourists coming back for more, You can’t find a beach in PR that’s not drop dead beautiful, but here are some of our favorites: Play de Ponce is a great swimming destination thanks to the calm water on the Southern side of the island, the water on the Northern side is much more turbulent, so swimming can be an issue.Rosado Beach is one of those secluded beaches you read about in magazines. It’s quiet and is great for anyone who wants to avoid crowds. Laquillo Beach is a family friendly beach where the kids can play in the calm water. Laquillo is close to San Juan, so it’s very popular. Surfer’s Beach is just that. Surfers from around the world come to test the waves. Boqueron Beach is a great picnic beach near the Boqueron lagoon, which is a wildlife reserve.