Star Appeal of New York

Star Appeal of New York, New York Sightseeing

Central Park, New York
Central Park, New York

The Star Appeal of New York is not just in the Tourist Sights

New York is not like any other city in the world. “The City” as the residents of New York like to call it is a melting pot of ethnic cultures and the waves of diversity created by this mixture of Western and Eastern attitudes creates the real star appeal of New York. The people of “the city” are its star appeal and the tourist sights are a close second.

Everyone who visits New York wants to walk through Central Park or jog around the lake on the upper side of the park. The Zoo on the east side attracts the young as well as the old and on sunny days lunchtime in the park looks like a scene from a romantic novel. People are soaking up the rays on blankets while eating a New York style sandwich and drinking their favorite beverage.

The park is not the only sight that makes people’s heart pound when they plan a trip to the Big Apple. The Empire State Building, The Museum of Natural History, Ellis Island, Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, The Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Staten Ferry attract millions of visitors with their star appeal.

Visiting those sights alone will fill up a good portion of a week but there are plenty of New York minutes to experience riding the subway or taking a sometimes frustrating taxi ride from Greenwich Village to the Upper East Side. A trip to Brooklyn, Long Island, or the Bronx adds more flavor to this city that never sleeps, but the real star appeal is in the people that are known for being rich, strange, and almost out of control when it comes to defending the weirdness of their beloved city.

New Yorkers have a Style of their Own

Almost ninety percent of the New Yorker's that walk from street to avenue would be interviewed by the press in any other city because their personal element of weird brings a style to the surface of the city that is hard to describe.

Rich takes on a whole new meaning in this city of hot dogs, soft pretzels, and opulence. In fact someone once said other cities send their rich residents to New York just to get rid of them. The rich people add more weirdness to mix of stars that casually walk around the city asking each other why the United Nations Building is in the city or why the President has to visit and screw-up rush hour traffic. After all New York speaks its own body language and that's what keeps tourists coming back for more.