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Introducing Chile

Chile The Land of Extremes

Santiago, Chile.
Santiago, Chile.

Some people say that Chile is just a long skinny country that creeps around the foot of South America and is filled with contrasts that begin with the weather. The northern part of the country can be overwhelmingly hot thanks to its tropical climate and the southern area of Punta Arenas is freezing, due to its close proximity to Antarctica. Chile has the driest desert in the world, an ancient forest and a beautiful wine country. The Andes Mountain Range, the exquisite fjords, glistening lakes, almost never ending plains and blue glaciers, make Chile a popular tourist destinationand a beautiful homeland.

Chile borders Bolivia and Peru in the north and Argentina in the east. Once you arrive in Chile you can take marathon bus trips to almost any other country in South America, if you like to ride a bus for 5 to 10 days at a time. Most people arrive in Santiago, which is the capital city. It sits between a costal mountain range and the Andes. It’s filled with excellent restaurants, bars, hotels and wonderful museums.

Chile is a country that offers natural beauty in an exotic and diverse way. The rich culture of the country and scenery make Chile an intoxicating adventure that never dies; it’s constantly reinventing itself in raw elegance and unique expressions. The people, the cities and the architecture offer visitors an array of memorable experiences that can only be described as down home and honest South American hospitality.