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Introducing Bournemouth

Bournemouth, Dorset - England
Bournemouth, Dorset - England - photo by pixel_boy

Founded in 1810, Bournemouth was originally part of Hampshire and is now considered the largest settlement in Dorset, which is on the south coast of England. The Borough now has almost 164,000 full time residents and if the residents of Christchurch and Poole are added, the population totals about 400,000. The town is one of England’s most popular tourist areas thanks to the beaches, but it's also a regional financial and business center. Bournemouth was named the happiest place in Britain, according to a 2007 survey conducted by an English bank, but lost that spot in 2008 for unknown reasons.

Bournemouth is about 105 miles southwest of London and is considered a retirement community, but is experiencing massive growth thanks to Bournemouth University and its incredibly beautiful unspoiled coastline. The area is rich in Jurassic period fossils and its 7 miles of sandy beaches attract surfers from all over the UK and Europe. A new artificial reef is being constructed, which is part of the town's expansion project.

Tourism accounts for over £127 million of Bournemouth’s yearly economy and the balance of £440 million comes from the service sector.

Bournemouth in a Few Words

When tourists think of beaches, the town of Bournemouth rarely comes to mind unless you live in the UK or Europe. Bournemouth is a hidden gem that offers tourist Victorian charm, as well as modern coastal entertainment. It only takes one visit to this unique part of England to realize that life is meant to be enjoyed Bournemouth style. If you love to shop or just walk on the beach, this coastal town will keep calling you back for more.

Balloon, Bournemouth Air Festival
Balloon, Bournemouth Air Festival - photo alphababy


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