Aruba Sightseeing

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Sightseeing seeing around the island is a favorite pastime.

Aruba’s Dutch roots can be felt in the architecture found in the small cities, as well as in the museums, which include Aruba Numismatic Museum, and the Archaeological Museum of Aruba.

Arikok National Wildlife Park and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary give tourist the opportunity to see over 100 species of birds that inhabit the island.

The Ostrich Farm is a big attraction and Alto Vista Chapel, which is also called the Pilgrim’s Church, is a great spot to visit. It sits on a cliff overlooking the sea. The narrow and winding road that leads to the chapel is marked with white crosses that symbolize the Stations of the Cross.

The old fort, known as Fort Zoutman, was built in 1796. It’s filled with ancient Indian and Spanish artifacts. The Willem III Tower and clock was added to the fort years later and served as a lighthouse for the island.