Seven Tasty Reasons To Over in Dulge

Seven Tasty Reasons To Over in Dulge - International Travel - Destination Ideas

1. Deep-fried Mars bars at A Salt & Battery, New York City.

Believed to have originated at a fish and chips shop in northeast Scotlabd, deep-fried Mars bars are available stateside at the oh-so-British chips shop A Salt & Battery. Crispy on the outside, delectably oozy on the inside, talk about double your pleasure! And dont forget to try another Scottish fave, the deep-fried ice cream.

2. Beignets at Cafe du Monde, New Orleans.

You could think of them as French doughnuts because in spite of their tony name, beignets are hunks of dough, fried in cottonseed oil and covered with powdered sugar. Hot out of the fryer, they are delicious, best taken with a strong cup of chicory cafe au lait.

3. Superdawg classic at Superdawg, Chicago.

Superdawg takes a standart Chicago pure-beef- hotdog (the kind with skin that bites back), nestles it in a poppy seed bun, and tops it with kosher pickle, golden mustard, and Spanish onion, definitely hold the ketchup. Then they add hot peppers, pickled green tomato, and a special atomic green relish.

4. Chicken fried steak at Babe's, Roanoke, Texas.

Smothered in creamy white gravy, served with mashed potatoes, creamed corn, and buttermilk biscuits with honey and butter, chicken fried steak is a Texas staple that takes carbo-loading to new extremes. And at Babe's, a north Texas landmark housed inside an old hardware store, you have only two choices: chicken fried steak or fried chicken.

5. Barbecued spaghetti at Interstate Bar-B-Que, Memphis, Tennessee.

Poor Elvis. This dish may have been the final nail in his coffin, but don't let that discourage you from tucking into one of Dixie's tastiest, albeit oddest, combos - spaghetti with pork and barbecue sauce served up by one of Memphis's most respected BBQ joints.

6. A Galley Boy and a Cherry Phosphate at Swenson's Drive-in, Akron, Ohio.

Dig into the classic American meal at this 1950's-style drive in. A Galley Boy is a double sheeseburger with two special sauces; acconpany it with french fries, onion rings, or fried mushrooms or zucchini, and finish with a bubbly phosphate or a mint whip. It tastes extra good beacuse it is served to you by a carhop.

7. Fried oyster po' boy at Mother's, New Orleans.

A "po' boy," the New Orleans version of a hoagie or sub, is two hunks of crisp New Orleans French bread piled high with everything from corned beef to catfish, fried shrimp to fried sausage. One of the most sublime is the fried oyster po' boy. So order one "dresseda" (with lettuce and tomatoes). Don't forget the Tabasco and Creole mustard. Then wash it all down with an ice-cold Barq's root beer.